Sports Massage

The Benefits of Sports Massage for Athletes

Regular massage is essential for athletes to keep their bodies performing at their peak. Sports massage provides many benefits both before and after exercise. Learn how sports massage can improve flexibility, endurance, recovery and overall athletic performance.

What is Sports Massage?

Sports massage is a specialised form that targets the muscle groups used during athletic activity. Sports massage therapists have training in biomechanics and understand how different muscles are used during various exercises. They use multiple techniques to treat common athletic injuries and keep muscles in an ideal state for performance.

Massage therapists may work with athletic teams on-site at sporting events, gyms, schools or studios. Sessions involve techniques like compression, cross-fibre friction, hydrotherapy, trigger point therapy and active stretching. The frequency of sports massage depends on the athlete’s needs and schedule.

Benefits for Athletes

Some key benefits of sports massage for athletes include:

  • Enhanced flexibility and range of motion in joints and muscles
  • Increased blood flow to supply muscles with oxygen and nutrients
  • Reduced build-up of lactic acid that contributes to cramps and soreness
  • Improved recovery time between training and competition
  • Prevention and treatment of sports injuries
  • Heightened awareness of muscle imbalances or weaknesses
  • Mental relaxation and sharpened focus before competition

Regular sports massage keeps the body tuned like routine car maintenance. Massage enables athletes to continue training and competing at their best. Be sure to visit a qualified sports massage therapist to address your athletic needs.


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