Remedial Massage

The Healing Benefits of Remedial Massage

If you suffer from chronic pain, muscle tightness, or restricted mobility, remedial massage can help. Remedial massage utilises targeted techniques to address issues like sports injuries, repetitive strain injuries and postural problems. Learn how curative therapy can get you back to pain-free movement.

What is Remedial Massage?

Remedial massage is a focused type of therapeutic bodywork. The massage therapist identifies issues like muscle adhesions, strains, tears or posture imbalance. They use deep tissue techniques, stretching and joint mobilisation to treat the problem areas.

The focus is correcting imbalances and restrictions in the soft tissue and joints to resolve discomfort and dysfunction. Treatment aims to get the body back into proper alignment and optimum functioning.

Remedial massage uses many different modalities like myofascial release, trigger point therapy and positional release. It may also incorporate stretching, cupping, dry needling and heat or ice therapy. A remedial therapist develops a plan of techniques tailored to each client’s needs.

Benefits of Remedial Massage

Remedial massage offers many benefits for improving pain and mobility:

  • Breaks down scar tissue and muscle adhesions, contributing to stiffness, numbness or soreness.
  • Treats repetitive strain injuries like tennis elbow or text neck.
  • Releases trigger points that cause referred pain in other areas.
  • Loosens tight muscles responsible for poor posture and imbalance.
  • Increases joint flexibility and range of motion.
  • Boosts circulation of blood and lymphatic fluid to enhance healing.
  • Speeds recovery from injury and gets you back to regular activity quicker.
  • Provides lasting relief versus temporary fixes like pain medication.

Remedial massage empowers you to address musculoskeletal problems before they progress proactively. The therapist offers education so you can continue relieving symptoms at home. Regular remedial massage helps you function at your best.


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