Content and Photo Guidelines

At, we prioritize professionalism and safety within our community. To ensure a positive experience for all users, we have established the following guidelines for content and photo uploads:

1. Professional Attire and High-Quality Photos: We strongly recommend that you take your photos in professional attire and of high quality to present yourself in the best possible light.

2. Clear Face Visibility: Your primary photo should clearly show your face, helping others connect with you authentically.

3. Showcase Your Space: Including a photo of your massage table and studio is highly recommended to enhance your massage table listing.

4. Format Preference: Please upload photos in portrait format (taller than they are wide) or square format for optimal presentation.

5. No Explicit Content Links or Numbers: We strictly prohibit including any website links or phone numbers associated with explicit content.

Our platform aims to provide a professional and respectful environment for all its users. Therefore, we have strict guidelines against certain types of content. The following are prohibited on our platform:

1. Explicit, Intimate, or Provocative Content: Photos that contain explicit, intimate, or provocative elements are not allowed.

2. Criminal Intent: Any photo that suggests criminal activity or violates our Advertiser Agreement is strictly prohibited.

3. Unprofessional or Irrelevant Images: Photos that show unprofessional attire, grooming, body language, settings, cropping, camera angles, or subject matter are not permitted.

4. Third-Party People: To protect the privacy and safety of individuals, we ask that you refrain from including photos of people other than yourself unless it is a photo of you and your colleagues performing a massage.

5. Inappropriate Filters or Poor Quality: Images that are flagged as inappropriate by our filtering services or are of poor quality and do not meet visual standards are not suitable for upload.

6. Copyrighted Content: Please avoid using images that are individual copyrights.

Warnings and Consequences:

In case of any violation of our guidelines, reserves the right to remove photos without prior notice. Repeated offences may result in warnings or the removal of your profile from the platform.

By following these guidelines, you can help us create a positive and secure environment for massage enthusiasts and service providers on Your cooperation is greatly appreciated in maintaining these standards and ensuring a respectful community.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in making a place where massage professionals can showcase their services professionally and respectfully.